Sir? If Bruce Lee hadn’t died do you think he would still be alive?

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I am an English, Film Studies and Media Studies teacher. Over the past few years I have found myself producing more and more exemplar work, study materials and other bits of writing to help my students.

I thought it would be a good idea to put it all in one place. This way if you are a student of mine you can easily find a resource. If you are interested in taking one of my classes in the future you can see what sort of things are covered. If you are taking one class you might find useful stuff posted up for another class.

My philosophy (fancy word for a bunch of ideas knocking around in a Brownian motion sort of way) is that exams are incidental to the business of getting an education. If you are a post-16 student you chose to do the course you are on because there are elements which interest you. The pieces I create are usually over-engineered and contain more information that you will probably be able to write under time pressure but they should give you ideas and be good jumping-off points for your own studies.




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