Maybelline advert: Thanks – we are saved!


Thanks to Mr Freer for sending me this link:

It is the Maybelline ad that has now been pulled from YouTube (and don’t worry Mr F. – it is exactly the same as the original – trust).

On a broader tip – again – this is what happens when exam boards are asked to nail down exam content years in advance of the examinations. Not a problem for subjects where content is in little danger of suddenly changing but for Media Studies this is a minefield.

Either your content is way out of touch with the actual debates happening in academic circles (this is so happening with the A levels) or you run the risk of the products disappearing on you as the media cycle moves on.

I mean – this advert is now three years old. It wasn’t going to stick around for ever. What is new and exciting becomes old and stale.

Anywhoo – enjoy this round-up from Campaign magazine of the worst adverts of the last decade.

I’m surprised Tom Hiddleston’s Centrum ad isn’t in there. My fave bad ad from last year!

So creepy!

Is he a serial killer or contract assassin (check out the script)? Who are we supposed to be? Why are all the conventions (cinematography and mise-en-scene) at the start from the horror genre? How long have we been seeing Tom? Why do we need so much food and so many vitamins? Are we dying? How good do we really look Tom ‘cos you look a bit sad? How short are we? How is he going to make it up to us? Don’t you say goodbye like that to things you don’t want to follow you?


So many questions!


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