New news from AQA.

If you are a Media student you know that the business of creating a syllabus out of rapidly changing material is a bit like nailing jelly to a plate.

Or feels a bit like this . . .


Last week the board released this statement:

For students being assessed in their A-level Media Studies course (7572) in summer 2020, we’ve clarification about the Close Study Products (CSPs) Oh Comely and Teen Vogue.

Oh Comely

We’ve been made aware that Oh Comely has changed its name to Oh. The update on the magazine’s website states: ‘Oh is a reimagination of Oh Comely magazine and is still a place to meet new people, hear their stories and hopefully leave you looking at life a little differently. And every issue will still have beautiful photography and illustration at its heart’.

The edition of the magazine in the CSP booklet is still the one that should be studied. The front page and extracts from issue 35 must be studied and are shown in the 2020 CSP booklet on e-AQA. This reimagination of the magazine would be an interesting area of study when considering print media, particularly in the context of industry and audience.

Where questions about the magazines feature in the assessments, we’ll still refer to Oh Comely. Where questions do refer to Oh Comely, students should be reminded to carefully read the question and determine whether or not these changes to the focus of the magazine would form part of a relevant response to the question asked.

Teen Vogue

The CSP booklet for the 2020 assessment refers to the Lifestyle section. This section has now been rebranded as Culture and this is the area that students should focus on.

As a reminder, you’ll need to download a new CSP booklet every year in June to ensure that your students are studying the correct products as questions in the exams will relate to these products.

After I spent ages writing about Teen Vogue!

I will adjust the notes accordingly.


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